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We are a big buyer for...Rice, Sugar, Milk Powder, Cement, Cooking Oil, Onion

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Bamako Mali , Mali
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Dear supplier, I presented this offer to your company hopping you and your faithful company can supply one of those listed items as bellow, I'm an food sourcing agent and this Organization has presented there list of needed food stuff to my office and i will be very happy if your company can be able to supply one of the bellow items. 1 RICE 2 MILK POWDER 3 SUGAR 4 COOKING OIL 5 ONION 6 CEMENT We prefer purchasing foodstuffs and cement direct from the well recognized producers, dealers, distributors, exporters and importers of the mentioned items. We are very great and well recognized organization located in SIKASO MALI. We normally purchase goods in very big quantity for tackling the terrible conditions of West African helpless including the Refugees and charity homes under our care.Rue 199, Porte 641 Lafiabougou. Best Regards. Mr. Maiga COULIBALY Tel: +223 98 55 87 84 Email: coulibalymaiga@yandex Rue 199, Porte 641 Lafiabougou BP E805, Sikasso Region. Republic Of Mali West Africa.
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Bamako Mali,Mali
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